Hitchhiker or Roadside Prostitute?

Do you pick up hitch hikers? Have you ever wanted to pick up a hitchhiker?  I used to pick up hitchhikers quite often in Minnesota and honestly I always had good experiences with them. You know, I’d pick someone up, we’d share some life, listen to each others’ stories, feel like great buddies and then … Continue reading

Up to four and a half years

The BBC reports that the popular tran-sexual Turkish singer Bulent Ersoy will face up to 4 and a half years in prison for questioning the Turkish military’s actions in North Iraq on a popular American Idol type television show last February. Her statement: “If I had given birth to a child and someone sitting at … Continue reading

Gas prices

I know Americans are complaining about fuel prices as prices go up to +3$/gallon as cited by Hans. I just want to mention again that this is nothing. We’re still paying over 9$/gallon in Turkey

An unforgivable mistake

Look at the screen shot below from NPR’s website. The page shown is the preview of a very nice reading by the controversial author Elif Safak. You can read the excerpt, or better yet, you can listen to her reading it and answering questions at a bookstore in the states. I’m looking forward to buying … Continue reading

America Abroad: recommended podcast

I signed up for a new podcast last week called “America Abroad.” I was thrilled this morning when looking at the archives to realize that they’d done an in-depth report on relations between Turkey and America. I listened this morning and was not disappointed. The report gave a great summary of the the most significant … Continue reading

Turks… Obese?

In the time I’ve been living here in Turkey, I’ve had so many people comment about my weight that I’ve begun to make fat jokes about others myself. I’ve also had many people comment about their perception that all Americans are obese. Every time this subject comes up, I say the same thing; “just wait… … Continue reading

Turks in Germany: an interesting study

Despite my frustration with the quote from Steve Inskeep that I mentioned yesterday; the report on Germany’s Muslim subculture was absolutely fascinating. Sylvia Poggioli reported about the phenomenon of the Muslim subculture in Germany. It was especially interesting to hear how Anatolian Rural traditions are maintained by the practice of importing brides from Turkey; rather … Continue reading

Turkey on Time.com

  Turkey made it to the front page of Time Magazine’s website this evening.  It’s not the greatest press ever, but I guess the arrests are a sign of progress.  Check out the article here.    The article highlights the biggest story of the weekend; namely that 13 people were arrested over the weekend in the … Continue reading

An uncalled for quote

What do you think about this quote? “If you want to know how European Muslims affect America, Consider one thing; some of the 9-11 hijackers made their plans in Germany. You could also consider that moderate European Muslims have no affect at all.” That was Steve Inskeep’s intro to an audio clip on NPR about … Continue reading

Traffic Accidents in Turkey

When Americans consider moving to Turkey or visiting Turkey, the most common question from concerned friends is; “is it safe there?” Until today, my answer has been simple. Yes. I always explain that living in Adana is no different in terms of safety than living in a similarly sized city in the States. Of course … Continue reading