Apparel in Turkey – Why Context matters

arsuz beach

How to Dress in Turkey – Why Context matters I want to share a quick story before sharing my suggestions for how to dress for travel in Turkey. On June 17, my wife, kids and I relocated to the summer beach town of Arsuz.  On that day the high temperature in Adana and Arsuz was … Continue reading

How to Blend in when traveling in Turkey

my family in turkey

How to Blend in when traveling in Turkey A good friend of mine is moving to the Adana area to teach at Cag University in the fall.  In thinking about his arrival, I thought it might be good to write an open letter to travelers in Turkey about how to dress in Turkey.  I come … Continue reading

Monday Pics from Cappidocia

We took a quick weekend getaway to Cappidocia and had a great time with some new and old friends.  Here are a couple pics from the weekend.  I have to admit that the picture were few and far between as the kids kept me and Rana’s hands busy.  These few turned out alright.  I’ll write … Continue reading

Hitchhiker or Roadside Prostitute?

Do you pick up hitch hikers? Have you ever wanted to pick up a hitchhiker?  I used to pick up hitchhikers quite often in Minnesota and honestly I always had good experiences with them. You know, I’d pick someone up, we’d share some life, listen to each others’ stories, feel like great buddies and then … Continue reading

Day Trip to the mountains of Pozanti

The Mountains of Pozanti, Adana, Turkey I got invited at the last minute day hike up to Pozanti, a mountain town about 1 hour north of Adana.  We got there and realized that the whole area was covered in snow.  We didn’t get in the nice long hike we’d planned, but we did take a … Continue reading

nite at Ataturk airport

We’re sitting up here at the Ataturk International Airport.  It’s 2:30 in the morning and we’ve been at Starbucks for the last 2 hours.  We fly out of here at 5:30 but can’t check in our bags until 3:00.   Sitting here, I’ve been able to observe the night life of the airport.  I saw a … Continue reading

Tips for living in Turkey

I picked up the October issue of Time Out Istanbul* yesterday an loved the cover story. The feature I really enjoyed was called “Home Sweet Home.” It has brief but very personal accounts of 16 different people commenting on their home, work and neighborhood situations. They answer these questions: I live in: I work in: … Continue reading

It’s a boy

We received some great news yesterday. We were at the doctor and as we looked at our little offspring on the screen, the doctor told us that the baby in Rana’s tummy is a boy. It’s been interesting to note the reaction of Turkish friends when telling them that we’re having a boy. They’re invariably … Continue reading

Memed My Halk (Ince Memed) Widgets I read Memed, My Hawk over the summer and loved it more than almost any book I’ve ever read. Certainly more than any book I’ve read in the past year. This book is special to me for a few reasons. The Author, Yasar Kemal, is from Adana and writes with knowledge of city … Continue reading

Pastoral Vadi / Pastoral Valley

We spent the last 6 nights with our friends Kayra and Aldemir at a farm outside Fethiye called Pastoral Valley. Now, I’ve always associated the word “pastor” with the guy who speaks at a church on Sunday morning, but as I discovered this place on, I learned that the concept of “pastoral” has another … Continue reading