Recent Aksel Photos

For those of you who aren’t my facebook friends, I thought I should treat you to some recent photos of Aksel, enjoy.


Last night, as I was filling out citizenship papers for Aksel, one of the blanks on the form said “Father:” I instinctively wrote “Jack Olson” the name of my Father. Something about that moment that made me realize that I was a father now too. What a great reason to kiss your wife and son … Continue reading

Another video of Aksel

He can’t decide whether to laugh or cry

Family Differences in Turkey

In response to my most recent post Bea, an American from Istanbul wrote an interesting comment with a question. I thought I’d post it here to open this question to all of us, and as a way of letting you know about her blog. She first came to Turkey as a solider and returned later … Continue reading

Spiderman in Turkey

Maybe the home I was raised in was a little more protective than the average American family, but I think most American families in my era exercised some sort of control over what their kids watch. In our home, we were restricted from watching PG-13 movies until we were 13 (fair enough.) We were forbidden … Continue reading