Rana after 22 weeks

Did we mention it’s going to be a boy?

Childhood in Adana

I saw a picture today on my sister’s Flickr that broke my heart. Do you know what that weathered old building is? It’s a “fort” that my dad built for my siblings and I when we were young. My dad used to bring home scrap lumber from work that he would use to make stuff. … Continue reading

Family Differences in Turkey

In response to my most recent post Bea, an American from Istanbul wrote an interesting comment with a question. I thought I’d post it here to open this question to all of us, and as a way of letting you know about her blog. She first came to Turkey as a solider and returned later … Continue reading

Politically Incorrect Comments in Daily Life

Being raised in such a “politically correct” culture as America, and coming from a family where racism is unthinkable, I am sometimes shocked with how easily racist comments can be shared among complete strangers in Turkey. I had an electrician come out to the house this week to install some 3-way outlets and to hardwire … Continue reading

Missing Home

The other night, some friends asked if I missed America. I told them I don’t miss it all that often. I told them one thing that makes it easy to not miss America is that most things in my life have changed, and if I lived there, everything would be different from when I left. … Continue reading

Can Sakirgil: Fulbright Recipient

Congratulations to my brother-in-law Can who was recently accepted to teach Turkish in the states with the Fulbright program. He’ll also be able to take masters classes at the university where he teaches. You can congratulate if you’d like at drjiwago@hotmail.com Well Done Can!

More Antakya Memories (by Rana)

After writing yesterday’s post, we looked through some of Rana’s pictures and found this one from a few years ago. Pictured are a few members of her family worshiping at the evening Christmas in Antakya’s St Peter’s church. Below is the second part of Rana’s memories on Christmas as a child in Antakya, Turkey continued … Continue reading

Antioch Christmas (part 1)

This morning my wife Rana started writing some reflections on what Christmas was like in Antioch (Antakya) when she was growing up, I thought I’d share some of her memories here. For those who don’t know, my wife was raised in Antakya’s Arabic Orthodox Christian community. They are a small ethnic/religious minority group in Turkey. … Continue reading

Family Website

You can see some of our family Christmas pictures or pictures of our home if you’re interested at our family website: http://jakeandrana.wordpress.com/

Kapikaya Canyon

I wrote about our trip to Kapikaya Canyon on Monday, but I added a couple more pictures to my Flickr. If you live in the Adana area, you’ve really gotta see this place.