The streets of Adana

Here’s a video taken on one of the main roads in Adana (Gazi Pasa) to go with the photos in my last post.

the last week in Adana

It’s been just over a week since the PKK* ambushed and killed 13 soldiers in Eastern Turkey and prompted the Turkish Government to give the military clearance to cross into Iraq at will, despite pressure from Iraq and America not to. It’s been an interesting time to be an American in Adana. I haven’t known … Continue reading

What Turks think about America (part 1)

I’ve found myself very interested in a Newsweek/Washington Post blog this week that focuses on what the world thinks of America. A blogger named Amar Bakshi has traveled the world asking people what they think about America. The results are very interesting. (Perhaps one of the Turkish newspapers would pay me and Erkan to travel … Continue reading

What I think

If anyone asked me what I thought about the recent resolution passed by a congressional sub-committee, I’d tell them that I agree with Daniel Schoor. You can listen to his thoughts here. Here’s a key quote that expresses my opinion about making a statement on issues that don’t directly involve me There’s nothing concrete to … Continue reading

Anti-Americanism in Adana

I’ve always known that “anti-American sentiment” existed in Adana. I didn’t know it could be so strong among until recently. Last night, I found this flier at the door of our apartment building. Here’s what it says The Worker’s Party Will End Terror. The murderer of our solders is America. Let’s take back Incirlik. Demonstration … Continue reading