Adana Oktoberfest – A Recap

Traditionally Dressed Bavarian Women of Adana

We had a wonderful time last night at the Adana Oktoberfest.  Me, Rana and the kids went out to the event hosted by the German/Turkish Partnership Society and were really entertained by the event. They had converted the outdoor seating area at Aqualand Tennis Club into a German beer garden where there was traditional Bavarian … Continue reading

Oktoberfest in Adana!

Adana Events: Oktoberfest in Adana I’ve wanted to get back to blogging for quite some time and a recent email from a friend was just the prompting I needed to get moving again. Our friend Romy, (Rana’s Calanetics instructor from Pure Body Adana,) is an Austrian woman who is involved in the Turkish/German Cultural Partnership … Continue reading