What Happened to A Foreign Perspective?

It’s been exactly a month since I last wrote, and I’m bummed to think that I worked so hard to build up a small audience over the winter and spring and have just quit writing when summer hit. Well… what happened?

The main thing that happened is that I relocated to the seaside resort town of Arsuz. We’re staying here as a family for the summer, and I’d thought that my blogging would just continue. Well, nice weather, a beach, job boredom and a hotter home have conspired to make me loathe being in front of the computer any more than necessary. Thus less blogging.

Arsuz Harbor

The second thing that happened is that when I relaunched the blog back in February, I did so with an intense focus on Adana. I thought that maintaining that focus while away would be possible, alas it’s been harder than expected.

All that to say, if you’re reading this, you’re probably a true fan. I’d love to hear any topic ideas I could write about or questions about life in Turkey that I could answer while away from Adana. I’d like to write one to two times a week for the rest of the summer, and then I’ll get back into the groove when we get back to Adana in the fall.

Sound good?

12 Responses to “What Happened to A Foreign Perspective?”
  1. Jaime says:

    I read your blog! 🙂 Maybe you can write about the area you are at now…or other “tourist areas” that might be interesting for others. We havent been in (Adana or Incirlik) Turkey long, just a few months, so I would LOVE to hear about places that would be good for a quick daytrip or even a weekend getaway.

  2. Alison says:

    Do a ‘day in a life’ entry. Photograph your day from waking to sleeping… and explain along the way. I ❤ those. ~Alison

  3. Puri says:

    You can write about how Mari does jams Turkish style, very different from the American way. Also you could get inside a work day at the local pide firin or disguise yourself as balikci and go find out how they spend their day

  4. Joe Skeptic says:

    You must know that Ramadan is coming up first of August so life will be different once it starts. You can make observations on these differences.

  5. Terry says:

    I would love to hear more about where you are now (the pictures are beautiful!) and just life in general in Turkey…the food, shopping, jobs, if clothing is different from the U.S., etc. Hope that helps. Love your blog!

  6. Pris says:

    I know that some people back here in the States are curious about what is going on politically over there. You could fill us in on what’s going on in Turkey, the countries that surround it and how that effects Turkey, you and your family.

  7. Holly says:

    I was wondering what had happened but assumed that you were just taking advantage of your extended “vacation”. Puri has invited Kait and I but we’ve had to decline. Wish we didn’t have too! Enjoy the rest of your summer! 🙂

  8. Ann says:

    How about an entry about what you would tell someone planning to move from the US to Turkey what things they should absolutely bring and what things are unnecessary to take up valuable suitcase or box space. Thanks!

  9. MacAlpine says:

    I totally understand about not wanting to be in front of a computer! I have been spending most of my free time outside as well. Topics- I always love to hear about the food and interesting traditional skills. (I am on TSP and SSGP) Thank you and all the best!

  10. Kursat says:

    I am so glad that you back. I have just remembered that you mentioned about you like climbing. Maybe you can give us advise that where we can go for climbing in Adana.And show us your pictures you already climbed.

    Waiting your delicious topics…


  11. Caner says:

    Oh mate, we are waiting for new entries to your blog!

  12. Simcha says:

    Where you are now looks fantastic so tranquil and beautiful. Why dont you write about that or just do a pictoral blog about it. Id be interested. Everyone has given you great ideas Im sure you can get back into the swing of it.

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