Traditionally Dressed Bavarian Women of Adana
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    Welcome to A Foreign Perspective. I'm Jake. I've lived in Adana Turkey since 2003, but I'm originally from Minnesota, USA. Living abroad puts a different spin on just about everything in life. This is where I share my perspectives on the world, recipes, and things to do in Adana... from a Foreign Perspective.
Traditionally Dressed Bavarian Women of Adana

Adana Oktoberfest – A Recap

We had a wonderful time last night at the Adana Oktoberfest.  Me, Rana and the kids went out to the event hosted by the German/Turkish Partnership Society and were really entertained by the event. They had converted the outdoor seating area at Aqualand Tennis Club into a German beer garden where there was traditional Bavarian … Continue reading

Oktoberfest in Adana!

Adana Events: Oktoberfest in Adana I’ve wanted to get back to blogging for quite some time and a recent email from a friend was just the prompting I needed to get moving again. Our friend Romy, (Rana’s Calanetics instructor from Pure Body Adana,) is an Austrian woman who is involved in the Turkish/German Cultural Partnership … Continue reading

arsuz beach

Apparel in Turkey – Why Context matters

How to Dress in Turkey – Why Context matters I want to share a quick story before sharing my suggestions for how to dress for travel in Turkey. On June 17, my wife, kids and I relocated to the summer beach town of Arsuz.  On that day the high temperature in Adana and Arsuz was … Continue reading

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How to Blend in when traveling in Turkey

How to Blend in when traveling in Turkey A good friend of mine is moving to the Adana area to teach at Cag University in the fall.  In thinking about his arrival, I thought it might be good to write an open letter to travelers in Turkey about how to dress in Turkey.  I come … Continue reading

What Happened to A Foreign Perspective?

It’s been exactly a month since I last wrote, and I’m bummed to think that I worked so hard to build up a small audience over the winter and spring and have just quit writing when summer hit. Well… what happened? The main thing that happened is that I relocated to the seaside resort town … Continue reading

Working in Turkey as a Foreigner

I received a great question from a reader a couple weeks ago, and thought it’d be good to answer it here.  I hope my answer isn’t too discouraging. I was just wondering if you think Adana Turkey is a good place for an American to move for employment. Are there many opportunities for Americans or … Continue reading

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Commenting Just Got Easier

Hey Everybody, I wanted to write a quick note to ask for some comments and feedback about the website, or just let me know that you read the site.  I’ve been back into blogging since mid February– almost four months and a tad more that 50 articles.  I’d love to hear what you’ve thought of … Continue reading

Chicken Chalupa Dinner

Chicken Chalupas – Made in Adana

This week’s Made in Adana Recipe for Chicken Chalupas is from page 243 of the “I Need Help in Turkey Cookbook.”  I was very happy with how this recipe turned out, it was really tasty, something a little different, and all of us loved it. Here’s how I made it.  Note that the recipe below, … Continue reading

Mado Photos

We decided to take my own advice yesterday and cool off at Mado with some Turkish Ice Cream (Dondurma).  Check out my recent 52 Things to do in Adana post if you didn’t see it about Having Ice Cream at Mado if you didn’t see it on Saturday. This was a great way to spend … Continue reading

Summer Garden Update

As a family, we’re pretty excited about spending the summer by the sea in Arsuz.  We’ll be relocating some time in the next couple of weeks.  I’m be writing more about this later as the summer progresses, but I wanted to share the progress of my Square Foot Gardens that we planted there. I’m hoping … Continue reading